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A result of type “map” will translate into an object as in Java?

Yes, as long as the type can be deserialized into declared php class. If you are communicating with a HessianPHP service and use the same classes in both client and service, this will be automatic since PHP doesn't have the notion of packages or namespaces and if the class is declared, an object will be automatically created.

If you receive data from a Java or C# service then you will probably need to map a remote type to a local type using it's fully qualified name, for example if you receive and object of type "mypackage.MyJavaClass" and you want to get MyPHPClass objects, you need to call the mapRemoteType function in the Hessian configuration class before perfoming any remote call, like this:


The default behavior with remote objects is to deserialize them into an associative array where the object properties become the keys of string type.

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Page last modified on December 21, 2005, at 02:25 AM

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