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(2006-01-03) Version 1.0.5 RC2 available

New year, new version. HessianPHP now is distributed as a single download for both PHP4 and 5 platforms. Massive documentation upgrades. Handling of date information via a DateProvider class and a simple Datetime object. Enhancements in configuration and addition of Filter architecture to easily add new features. Unit tests against PHP, Java and C# servers. Several bug fixes. Happy New Year to all!

(2005-12-21) launched

Documentation for HessianPHP is now available as a wiki at and a forum is up to discuss issues about the library and related projects. The old site at sourceforge is still available at Merry Christmas to all!

(2005-06-25) International PHP Magazine article

HessianPHP is featured in the article "Back to Binary" at International PHP Magazine, print edition 04.2005. The magazine will hit the stands on June 23rd. Thanks a lot to Dilip Thomas and Indu Britto for this chance.

(2005-06-24) Version 1.0 RC1 available

Binary file transfer finally implemented. The API has been made simpler and more compatible with other web services libraries. Added a service description web page. Many improvements and bug fixes

(2005-03-31) Caucho press release

Caucho technologies has made a press release about HessianPHP as a new member in the family of Hessian implementations. Many thanks to Duane Trammell and Scott Ferguson.

(2005-03-26) Version 0.9 available

Version 0.9 is out with several bug fixes and new features. There has been few changes in the main API and license is now LGPL.

(2004-12-26) Initial release

First public release, version 0.7.0alpha.

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