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Installation of java example

In order to run the example java service you will a java servlet container. Examples of these are Apache Tomcat , Jetty and Resin.

Download and deploy the hessian.war file in your server's webapps folder. Instructions of how to do this are in the documentation of your java server. Caucho's Hessian library is included in the /lib folder of the application.

In this example we will assume the application is deployed under the root of the web server, so the url of the service will be: http://localhost:8080/hessian/service/userService

There is a test page called demo.jsp that will call a method in the service and print results. Assumming you deploy the webapp in the default location, you can see the test page in http://localhost:8080/hessian/demo.jsp

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Page last modified on December 21, 2005, at 03:42 AM

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