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Using HessianPHP clients from the command line

HessianPHP clients don't rely on the web server or any external dependency beyond the 'overload' extension which is enabled by default in newer PHP versions. Therefore it is safe to use HessianPHP clients from command line scripts, capture the results and process them. This is an example batch file (Windows .bat) that executes a HessianPHP enabled script:

path = %path%C:\php\cli
php -f testCmd.php

For example, scripts can be used as scheduled tasks or cron jobs to perform daily updates reading data from remote services and such. This has been tested in Windows XP and 2003 machines.

On the other hand, HessianPHP services require the use of a web server and they cannot be used from the command line.

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Page last modified on January 03, 2006, at 04:03 AM

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