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There are two options that can be configured in HessianPHP services:

Display an informative page

A service can display a web page listing the available methods that can be called from there. This page will show if you go to the url with a web brower. It's activated by setting the $displayInfo flag to true, for example:

$service->displayInfo = true;

Enable calling of methods that start with underscore

Starting the name of a method with an underscore it's a convention used by many PHP developers to denote "private" members of a class and since any object can be published as a service in HessianPHP, it makes sense not to publish private members to the world. In PHP5, HessianPHP makes sure any private or protected method does not get called at all. HessianPHP will not allow calling of underscored methods by default but this setting can be overriden if you set the $underscoreInclude variable to true in the service object, like this:

$service->underscoreInclude = true;

Now, methods like _init() or __instance() can be perfectly called from a remote client, but this can be dangerous so be careful when using this feature.

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